Mastering the Art of Printing and Design by Laurie Wisbrun

Mastering the Art of Printing and Design by Laurie Wisbrun

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Etsy で2009年春以来販売していた拙オリジナル・アクアチントバッグがアメリカの研究家ローリー・ウィスブランさんの本に紹介され、今秋サンフランシスコの出版社から北米版が出版されました。  ここに、このような形で私の作品を掲載してくださいましたローリーさんに深く感謝申し上げます。

以下はローリーさんの関連リンクです。                                                                   本の購入はアマゾン等で入手可能と思います。また掲載のEtching Aquatint Bag は拙webshopサイト gardenaquatics にて不定期少量販売しています。 

In Spring 2010, I received an order from the states to send my Aquatint Etching bag through Etsy site. There was a message from the purchaser who was interested in my method of print on the bag. She was under way of the investigation of printing and designing on fabric by herself, who became an author of this book above shown in this fall.
Presumably this book could be a decent presentation of our times at this field, introducing from digital procedure of designing to the orthodox and classic printing methods.
I would express her and to her endevour my honour to be participated with this project.

Here is her web site and links where all visitors must recognise that she is a splendid artist too.                                                                    My Etching aquatint bag is temporary available at a very small amount. Will be prepared in square soon. gardenaquatics